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Our modern manufacturing equipment allow us to meet your precision and complex shape requirements:
  • CNC Milling Center (750x600x520 and 500x450x400) – 5 Axis
    High Precision engineered component – Skew surface
  • CNC Milling Center (635x510x460) – 3 to 5 Axis
    Simple parts - Unitary – Prototype – Small to middle sized production
  • Additional conventional milling and turning machines for
    All type of machining (3 to 5 axis) - Rework and adjustment of tools
  • Laser and mechanical engraving
    On plane or cylindrical surface
To add value and full-service capabilities, we cooperate with excellent selected partners with varied areas of expertise (experts in complementary technical fields), such as: Grinding, Bending, Laser cutting, Welding
We offer an extensive array of contract manufacturing capabilities and we take care of the finishing: anodising, browning, coating,…

Overview in video of our production
We produce :

On the one hand: Components and Assemblies - Prototype – Unitary – Small and middle sized production
On the other hand: Tools and devices - Bespoke offer for R&D-, Production-, Quality Services of our customers

All stages of our production are in compliance with the ISO9001 standards. We attach great importance to project management to ensure the traceability, meet delivery time and extend our efficiency.

Component Tool and device 
Tight-tolerance parts and subassemblies Global realisation of your project
Conception – Development – Production - Assembly
Prototype – Unitary – Small and middle sized Production Unitary / Symmetric
Strong responsiveness Usual lead time
Study : 2-3 Weeks
Production : 3-5 Wochen
We can provide the raw material (CCPU upon request) or work with the customer furniture

Materials worked:
Metal: Aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass,…
Standard and exotic plastics: PMMA, POM, Radel, Peek, PSU,…


STSI support you from concept to production. As an OEM reliable partner, we study your requests, offer Technical Design assistance and study feasibility at the lowest cost (even your most ambitious project).
From your very first Idea and draft we study and develop the right adapted concept, and turn it into a prototype. In this aim we assist you in the creation of your specification sheet, we share our expertise regarding the choice of process and selected material, we integrate the finishing for your comfort…. And this for cost-effective manufacturability.

Our full-service offer includes:

  • Engineering support
  • Subcontracting specialties: milling, turning, welding, benching,…
  • Project management
  • From Prototype to Serie
Our activity – spectrum

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