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3D Metrologie Know-how

In an adapted environment, our experts in metrology are used to sort out your dimensional problems. Our experienced team is working - in compliance with the standard ISO - in a modern full equipped 3D Laboratory and offer a full dedicated inspection service.

Our equipment:

  • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine – Wenzel LH87 (1000x800x700) – Renishaw PH10T - Software: Metrosoft CM 3.8
  • Profile Projector
  • Surface Measurement
  • Hardness Tests
  • Surface Roughness instrument
  • Microscope
  • Conventional measuring tools
Our Team is well accustomed to the Automotive, Aerospace and Medical strong requirements. This Know-How allow us to offer following services:
  • 3D Inspection – with or without fixture
  • Unitary or series– Program if necessary
  • Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R) Analysis
  • first part qualification (EI, PPAP)
  • Profil Reconstruction…

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